Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cadre 5 Kickoff!

We presented the Virtual Voyage idea to Cadre 5 digital classroom teachers today and it was so exciting! They each created a blog using their GCISD Google account. After creating her blog, one teacher said, "there's a first time for everything!" Another teacher said that creating a blog was one of his goals for 2014-15 and he had taken a big step in the right direction. It is exciting to see teachers discover how much they can do with 1 Google account. We often hear from non-educators how lucky we are to "have the summer off." Summer is a very important time for teachers to learn, reflect, and grow. In addition to the face-to-face professional learning opportunities teachers will be attending, many GCISD teachers will spend the summer participating in flexible, online opportunities such as GCISD's Virtual Voyage! We will read and discuss books, redesign lessons for students to move it up the SAMR ladder, and explore tons and tons of digital resources. Then, we will share what we learned with each other via blogs and Twitter. How much fun is that?!

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